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Western Cape Glamping Experience In South Africa

21st century travel is characterised by trends and dynamics that attract the traveller to experience getaways in new and exciting ways. One such exciting new trend goes by the name “Glamping”. Glamping, a portmanteau (a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others) for glamorous and camping refers to new age camping

Horse Sense At Botlierskop

Taking something of great beauty and passion and developing it into a practical, useful entity has always been present in the vision and all forms of planning at Botlierskop Private Game Reserve. But how do you combine emotion and passion with practicality and usefulness? The answer lies in history, hard work, enough time spent and

Releasing Elephants Into The Wild… Our Story

Elephant Migration From Zimbabwe To Botlierskop. In September 2003 during the time of political instability in Zimbabwe, war veterans invaded Viv’s property. In order to save as many animals as possible, Viv moved some of his animals to the Ranch Hotel near Polokwane (former Pietersburg) in the north of South Africa. The owners of Botlierskop

Fire Up Your Appetite At Botlierskop

At Botlierskop Private Game Reserve, perfection is not an option it is a way of life, and the talented chefs at Botlierskop’s beautiful Fire Place Restaurant embody this principle. They understand that to complement a spectacular day spent exploring the majestic Garden Route area of the Western Cape, an out-of-this-world culinary experience is key. Game

Botlierskop Lions Released Into The Wild

Botlierskop Private Game Reserve has recently released 3 lions into a 1000 hectare portion of land in the reserve. As soon as these lions were released they hunted and made their first kill, taking down a Blue Wildebeest. These 3 lions, which roam 1000 hectares of the 4200 hectare land do so freely. As a

Top Reasons to Visit Botlierskop in Winter

With crackling fireplaces, low season accommodation specials, amazing bird and wildlife sightings and spectacular fynbos in full bloom, winter is, in fact, one of best times of year to visit Botlierskop Private Game Reserve in the Garden Route for the ultimate family getaway. You’re likely to wish this enchanting season will never end. Botlierskop’s luxurious