Botlierskop Lions Released Into The Wild

Botlierskop Private Game Reserve has recently released 3 lions into a 1000 hectare portion of land in the reserve. As soon as these lions were released they hunted and made their first kill, taking down a Blue Wildebeest.

These 3 lions, which roam 1000 hectares of the 4200 hectare land do so freely. As a result of the controlled space of land that these animals inhabit, it is still safe to engage in outdoor activities such as horseback safaris among others.

Naturally, one would like to get a clear view of these lions on a game drive and although scarce, some of our guests were lucky enough to witness the first kill on an afternoon game drive. This happened barely a day after they had been released into the wild.

Below is a video taken during this encounter showing the lions hunting a Blue Wildebeest. Contact Botlierskop Private Game Reserve for more information.