Horse Sense At Botlierskop

Horseback Riding in the Wild

Horse Sense At Botlierskop

Taking something of great beauty and passion and developing it into a practical, useful entity has always been present in the vision and all forms of planning at Botlierskop Private Game Reserve.

But how do you combine emotion and passion with practicality and usefulness? The answer lies in history, hard work, enough time spent and discipline. There are always useful, practical horses available at any time of the day for any equine activity required. The horses at Botlierskop take us to every, otherwise inaccessible, corner of our private mountainous reserve. They patrol fences, locate rarely seen game species and are an effective transport medium to many on the reserve.

The other side of the coin is breathtaking horseback safari rides available to guests, from the hesitant novice too the expectant advanced equestrian. Canter through open savanna or explore the mazes of game trails hidden away in deep valleys. Also enjoy refreshing sundowners from a mountain top, or enjoy a blazing fire during a dinner in the bush, alongside your surefooted steed.

Botlierskop’s horses are descendants of survivors of great expeditions, wars and many more hardships. To this day, at Botlierskop, they thrive in open pastures and are still purposely bred and worked according to these historical criteria. “We don’t want pretty pictures or documents and we always aspire to breed and use horses with character, personality, excellent natural health and physical working ability”.